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Wearing your baby against your heart is one of the most beautiful and bonding experiences you can have with your little one after giving birth. Studies have even shown that mamas and babies can synchronize their heartbeats with a simple smile! Clearly, wearing your baby within kissing distance, where the slightest tilt of the head brings your smile into focus for your precious new little one, is a wonderful gift of connection that has benefits far, far beyond our understanding!

I have six children, so I can testify to the extreme value of babywearing for being able to continue with a busy life after giving birth to a tiny new person. From attending sports practices to grocery shopping to making dinner to housecleaning, babywearing is a life-saver, not to mention a great source of exercise to get that pre-baby body back!

In addition to the benefits to a busy mama, babywearing can also replace tummy-time for little ones who don’t enjoy being stuck on the floor. While being worn, babies’ core and neck muscles are being strengthened by the motion of a mother’s body while she walks and bends and moves throughout the day.

I’ve been gathering resources for a babywearing post and couldn’t resist using this cute picture to illustrate it even though the little guy isn’t in the best position for hip health. But I just love seeing daddies wearing babies as well as mommies wearing babies. Check out the resources below for information about the different kinds of carriers available, different kinds of positions you can use, health and development benefits, how to make your own no-sew wrap, and more!

Ask Dr. Sears About Babywearing

Informative articles and answers to common babywearing questions from Dr. Sears.








 Babywearing by Boba

Tons of articles and resources about babywearing from one of my favorite baby carrier providers, Boba.




 Onya Baby Carriers

Lots of excellent babywearing information from an extremely versatile carrier from another favorite of mine, Onya Baby.




  The Science of Babywearing

Peer reviewed articles, scientific studies and analysis, historical precedent, cultural influence, and more from





  Baby carriers and accessories~product reviews

Over one thousand babywearing products reviewed…almost seven thousand reviews!







Gentle Responses to Babywearing Negativity

From “Don’t you ever put that poor baby down?” to “My baby did just fine in a buggy”…here are some lovely suggestions for gentle responses to negative comments.





 International Hip Dysplasia Institute

Proper baby carrier positioning recommendations from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.




























And some YouTube finds…

How to make a no-sew wrap:


A mama of twins demonstrates front and back carries…

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