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4th of July Fun!

We’ve been trying out some Pinterest ideas and creating a few of our own for the 4th and thought we’d share!

Here are our very own fruit gummie snacks made from jello and water. They taste like gummies. They feel like gummies. They have lots of cool shapes like gummies. But they don’t have HFCS like gummies!




And, of course, while we were playing with making fruit gummies we had to try out other shapes besides stars. We used our Ikea ice trays to make gummie dolphins, flowers, and hearts. You can find the recipe to make these super easy, clearly impossible to ruin (otherwise I would have!), gummies here.





We made popsicle stick flags and thumbprint flags and my little caboose created her own ‘free flying’ flag. 🙂








We’re going to be making these cute pinwheels for the 4th in lieu of sparklers for our little ones who are afraid of them. And to protect our braver little ones who want to try out the sparklers we’re cutting holes in red cups for arm shields as suggested by this brilliant mama.







To kick off our 4th of July week, we made these yummy brownies and dusted them with powdered sugar and topped them with red, white, and blue sprinkles. And for the 4th we’re freezing fruit punch (red), tropical punch (blue), and island punch (white) ice cubes and pouring sprite over them for some super festive drinks and we’re layering them into these bomb pops, too!










I found this awesome site that has a ton of printables for the 4th of July like this cool soda can plane, cupcake toppers, invitations, coloring sheets, and more!



Happy July 4th from our family to yours!!!









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