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Bookish & Craftastic Advent Ideas

The countdown to Christmas is about to begin, so here are some of my all-time favorite book-related and crafty ideas for a fun and meaningful Advent!

Book Advent~Every year I put away all of our Christmas and winter-themed books and then pull them out on the 1st of December to make a Picturebook Christmas Tree. We read one each evening for a bedtime book Advent tradition that my little bookworms look forward to year after year.

Another idea (from Detail Gal Blog) is to wrap books and put them under the tree so that as you read them and the space under the tree empties, excitement for Christmas morning builds!



Wrapping just the covers of picturebooks and lining them up on a mantle or bookshelf like a colorful little Christmas tree forest is another awesome Advent idea from Reading Confetti!

Here are some Christmas and winter-themed book suggestions:

Source: via Melissa Taylor, on Pinterest

And these free, printable Advent activity cards…

Source: via Melissa Taylor, on Pinterest

or these service-themed Advent cards…

Source: via Melissa Taylor, on Pinterest

would be awesome with these vintage-looking library book pockets.

Source: via L.R. on Pinterest

This year we are making an ornament a day to give as gifts to family and friends in what I hope will become another fun and creative Advent tradition for our family. If you want to give it a try, too, you can find some cute ornament craft ideas here.

And for more ideas about how to make the holiday season fun-filled and meaningful, as well as keeping the joy and wonder of childhood alive for your little ones year round:

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