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30 Days of Thankfulness~Day 23~Little Chefs!

I am thankful for little chefs!

“Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things”
Frank Howard Clark
These adorable turkeys from Our Best Bites are one of the cute Thanksgiving treats my little chefs and I are making (or trying to make, lol) this year.
We don’t get to make real snowmen in Florida, so we’re making them out of powdered donuts! Love this simple and cute idea (no idea where it came from), and my little chefs enjoyed adding their own twists (note the snowman in shades, yawning snowman, Frankenstein snowman, so funny!).
Acorns (or Haycorns as my Winnie the Pooh lovers like to call them) made out of chocolate and peanut butter!
Dipped s’mores with m&m’s, mmmmmm!
Peanut butter Reindeer cookies, what a great idea from Baker Girl! Ours don’t look quite like these, but adding a little character never hurts, lol.

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